Strategic Process Support

Leveraging our ability to create clarity, we act as a valuable catalyst for strategic processes. Our role can include: conducting background research; preparing strategic questions; facilitating roundtable discussions; synthesizing viewpoints and drawing conclusions; documenting/translating abstract visions and ideas into lucid presentations appropriate for use with the BOD, investors, middle management, employees and other stakeholders.

"Noga and David gave ICL invaluable support throughout our full-year, company-wide strategic process. Besides offering insight during our discussions, their presentations-in-process helped us refine and evolve our thoughts and then "sell" them to a broad range of stakeholders, including our Board of Directors. As part of this process, Noga and David also worked closely with many key managers throughout our complex, global organization, helping us to coalesce around a comprehensible vision and goals. Noga and David's attention to detail and caring style make you feel like they're your partners, not outside contractors."

Yossi Shahar, Former Executive Vice President - Corporate Development, ICL