Fundraising Materials

We work closely with management to help companies develop a strong investor thesis, and then help them express it in a concise and convincing manner in a variety of powerful materials. We coach executives to improve their presentation skills. We offer "SWAT" team services for re-orienting existing presentations. We work closely with legal and accounting teams to help draft the business sections of PPMs and other fundraising-related documents.

Materials We Create:

- Executive Summaries
- Private Placement Memoranda
- Investor Presentations
- Due Diligence Files

Our seed-stage VC, Walden-Israel, called in Noga and David 24 hours before a road show to overhaul one of our early presentations. They moved in like a SWAT team, and by the end of the afternoon we had materials that were suited for a financial audience. The process was impressive…and even cathartic.

Gil Sever, Founder & CEO, Safend